Speakers Solidus Conf 7

Jared Norman

Founder & Developer at Super Good Software.

Jared Norman is an experienced Rubyist, bad hockey player, devoted metalhead, and the founder of Super Good Software, an agency specializing in Solidus/Spree, e-commerce, and Ruby on Rails.

How to Fail at Solidus

Solidus might be the most flexible eCommerce platforms available, but just because you can customize an aspect of it, doesn’t mean you should. I’ll break down some of the common mistakes I’ve seen teams make, how to avoid them, as well as some tips for how to make the most of the platform.

Peter Berkenbosch

Independent E-Commerce developer and consultant.

Peter has a Bachelor's degree in computer science and got his start in the exciting world of "Enterprise Java." After discovering Ruby and Ruby on Rails in 2007, everything changed: he launched a Spree store, started actively contributing to the Spree community, and eventually, became a core team member at Spree. Since May 2015 Peter's focus has shifted from Spree to Solidus.

Working with Solidus TBD

Details on the talk will be announced shortly.

Thomas Sample

Pricipal Engineer & Founder at Karma Creative.

Focused on Spree and Solidus since 2013, Thomas founded Karma Creative in 2017, a full-service custom digital agency focused on Solidus, eCommerce, and SEO. There he continues to work passionately on the platform he loves, committed to working with karma, and to providing real business value through close alignment and long-lasting relationships. Thomas also loves to play guitar, go hiking, and make hot sauce.

How to do Holistic Digital Marketing for Your Solidus Store

A matter-of-fact practical guide to improving SERP rankings, overall traffic, and conversion rates using holistic digital marketing. We'll touch on some of the same subjects in previous years but with an eye on how to best find, vet, and onboard new digital marketing partners, to take care of the work you don't have time for.

Chris Todorov

Software Developer at Super Good Software.

I am a software developer at Super Good Software where I spend my time helping our clients build awesome products using Solidus and Ruby on Rails. I have over 15 years of experience developing software professionally, the last 8 years of which I have spent working on high volume Spree and Solidus stores. On my time off I enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Vancouver Island where I live with my wife Julia and our two dogs Baxter and Misho.

Separating your Concerns with the Solidus Event System

The Solidus event system allows developers to publish and consume events from anywhere in their codebase. I will show how you can leverage the event system to decouple side effects from the core Solidus logic in order to build more maintainable applications.

Marc Busqué

Solidus Core Team Member

I’m a software developer with more than 13 years of experience. I’ve always worked remotely. I’m interested in everything that is related to programming, with a special focus on its foundations.

Extending Solidus with the new Event Bus: more flexibility for the topmost flexible e-commerce platform

Have you ever found yourself needing your software of choice to do something else? Have you ended up invoking some dark sorcery, getting your hands dirty while you rummage through “lower abstractions”? Seek no further! With Solidus’ new Event Bus, that becomes part of the expected behavior.

Daniel Pritchett

Senior Backend Engineer at Rebellion Defense

Daniel pushes products and systems to success by exploring the limits of distributed cloud engineering, developer experience, and creating fun at work. He stays healthy enough for work thanks to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Florida sunshine, romantic suspense novels, and therapy.

Nail the Demo: Remote Work as Performance Art

Work moves online a bit more each year. Make a bigger impact by borrowing techniques from theater, Twitch streamers, television, and radio. Grab your clients’ attention with a demo that’s uniquely you. Find your voice, lead with your most interesting results, and always have a backup plan.