Speakers Solidus Conf 7

Jared Norman

Founder & Developer at Super Good Software. Read More
How to Fail at Solidus

Peter Berkenbosch

Independent E-Commerce developer and consultant. Read More
Working with Solidus TBD

Thomas Sample

Pricipal Engineer & Founder at Karma Creative. Read More
How to do Holistic Digital Marketing for Your Solidus Store

Chris Todorov

Software Developer at Super Good Software. Read More
Separating your Concerns with the Solidus Event System

Marc Busqué

Solidus Core Team Member Read More
Extending Solidus with the new Event Bus: more flexibility for the topmost flexible e-commerce platform

Daniel Pritchett

Senior Backend Engineer at Rebellion Defense Read More
Nail the Demo: Remote Work as Performance Art

Joel Saupe

Senior Software Engineer at Sendoso Read More
Solidus UI: An Exploration Into UI Toolkits

George Mendoza

Senior Software Engineer at Nebulab Read More
Getting Started with Solidus Starter Frontend